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Multiplayer no Servers shown

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Sad to hear you are having problems with this too.

You are not the only one and so far I haven’t found a solution myself nor heard any from anyone.

On Steam there is a topic about it with a link to a topic on ATAG I made calling attention to this. In Steam there is also older topic about the same issue (also linked in the thread).




Maybe if enough people get the devs’ attention they can look into it? I’m afraid it is a problem with the game...


But just in case your game is fine (like mine), check if you have “internet” selected in the drop down (top center of the screen in the server browser window) and that your filters are clear (open “filters”, click clear then save). Then generate a new list (not refresh). 

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We are aware of this and are working to see whether it is player related or a bug.


Players should be able to direct connect by entering the IP of the server they want to join.


Here are the IP's of the TF and ATAG servers:


TF#3: Port 21003
ATAG: Port 21003


I would recommend players do not use a VPN when playing the game.


This would slow down the players internet connection and cause lag... and may also be a part of this issue.

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The reports we got so far are inconclusive in the respect to the Windows version(s?) affected - we've the suspicion that it may be a STEAM-Windows7 issue

@KG_S_Roberth: What Windows version are you using?

@9./JG52_J-HAT: What Windows version is your squad mate using?

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