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Hi, my game randomly closes, no error, nothing. It does this while on plane select, while on the runway, while flying, no clear pattern and i have no clue why this is happening. This kind of behaviour does not happen in any other game i play.

My spec:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600


16 gb (8x2) 3000mhz ram HyperX Predator

AMD RX 580 8gb Sapphire

Anybody has any idee why this is happening?

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You should probably post in the "Finding the cause of a random crash or bug" stickied forum post by Han here:
Finding the cause of a random crash issue (Special Thread #1) - Technical Issues and Bug Reports - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum


That way the QC/technical problems guys can have a look at the crash file, they may be able to find what is causing it. You may also want to go into the Windows Event Viewer yourself and see if Windows is showing any errors that are popping up when the game crashes - might be a hint of what is going on.

. These are the instructions - this will help you find any crash logs that the game may have generated when it crashes to desktop.

This thread has been created to find the cause of the random game crashing with the community help.
Game version 1.107b and later is required for submitting crash dumps.
Please post only the data requested and avoid off-topic discussion.
1. To enable Windows Error Reporting, run (double-click) this log file:
2. In a case of the game crash open the folder where crash dumps are stored, you can do this by running this batch file:
3. Sort the dump files by date to find a newest one
4. Zip the newest dump file "Il-2.exe.****.dmp" (**** is a random number)
5. Post about the crash in this thread, attach the archive you just made and provide some details:
  • When you encountered the crash;
  • In what game mode (MP/QMB/campaign/scenario);
  • In what mission;
  • What did you do before the crash;
  • What happened in the mission before the crash;
  • Additional info you think is relevant to the crash.




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