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Skins Bf 109 G-6 Late

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Julian a small correction, the Cone is Green and the marginal edge of the intrados of the wing is yellow.


EDUARD references and they are not usually wrong.






in case you are interested in doing more, even if they have the normal G6 rudder.

82111_04.thumb.jpg.25ad900c7ee64dc9abb716e2566fb69d.jpg 82111_01.thumb.jpg.1d04f66dec30a00ee2f92ae94eb0108f.jpg 82111_05.thumb.jpg.a40b39ad2e75447704f1aeca3218e427.jpg


the 8 Black is totally metallic, except for the tail that is painted gray



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2 hours ago, E69_julian57 said:

Hello @XQ_Lothar29
I don't trust myself to eduar much, it has many errors.
And I'll have to update it because there are things missing, nobody noticed


Eduard a manufacturer with one of the best reputations for both the Historical and the Modeling and it will now turn out according to you is not to be trusted ..... Is the Modeling criterion wrong?

Well, nothing happens. it's just my point of view.

Greetings and keep working that well 


P.S: I just didn't realize what was missing because I didn't download it. basically because we have it as an official.

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I have lots of your skins and I think you do great work but I disagree with you about Eduard. They are very accurate. They put in a lot of research to get it right.

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Hello @Jiggs

What I wanted to say is that Eduar makes mistakes in his profiles, not in all of them.
Following his advice on camouflage schemes, I had to redo several skins, once they were finished.
With this I do not use his information to paint skins.
Of his work as a model he is one of the best, in fact I have models and I know his great work and precision. 


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11 minutes ago, E69_julian57 said:

  Hello @I / JG54_chuishan

which is the 8 black....?


Hi, Julian! It's this one:




I did a little research, this should be red 8 instead of black, flown by ObLt. Kurt Gabler from 8./JG 300 in July 1944.


You can have some detailed reference here: http://levbek.blogspot.com/2011/05/kurt-gablers-jg300-bf-109g-6-natural.html

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I will never understand all that need for "darkness" in Luftwaffe brains, in so called camouflage ( attempt to blend the shape in surrounding environment... ) - as in above yellow 5.

Unless the airfield is located in coal mine...

In WW2 documentary footage 95% planes are darker than it's environment... no matter is it horizon, field, bush, concrete, forest...etc. so what was the point to make it even darker in Jug's gunsight ...or recon view from P-38  ?



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15 minutes ago, ICDP said:

Bf109G-6 Late of Kurt Gabler, JG 300

Gabler 1.jpg



Great stuff! 


Just an idea, because Gabler also was out to hunt down Mossies in high altitude as was Graf with his JGr.50. Shouldn´t Gabler´s plane also be super polished, as the Graf, Weiroster and Grislawski 109s were in mid 1943? Espescially in the Weiroster shot it is very obvious how polished thoses machines were.



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