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Greetings all!

Moving forward I will use this thread to provide links to my skin packs. The credit for these skins should go principally to the amazing template makers- ICDP in particular- whose efforts have made this such an enjoyable hobby for me.  I make no claim to historical accuracy. We have some very talented artists in the community who create well-researched, technically accurate skins- their results are outstanding! That’s not what I’m doing here. My goal from the start has been to create a significant number of skins that would provide variety for me- and anyone else who is interested- to fly in and against. I want them to have a look that is historically plausible and at least be rough facsimiles of the profiles and photos on which they are based (unless otherwise noted as ‘fictional’). The skins I’ve produced won’t be everyone’s cup of tea- but I’ve enjoyed all the hours spent working on them & I hope some others in the community will enjoy the results.

Blue Skies!




Bf-109G-6 (4K)  

*Credit to ICDP’s outstanding 4K Template & parts of Kruger's- based on RaFiGer's Original 4K Template*



Bf-109G-6 - ETO PACK 01 v4

6 Skins from JG 1, JG 2, JG 3, JG 11, JG 26, JG 53- details in download







Bf-109G-6 - ETO PACK 02 v4

6 Skins from JG 1, JG 11, JG 26, JG 27, JG 53- details in download







Bf-109G-6 - OSTFRONT PACK 01 v4

6 Skins from JG 3, JG 51, JG 52, JG 54- details in download







Bf-109G-6 - OSTFRONT PACK 02 v4a

6 Skins from JG 51, JG 52



(improved Birkner Yellow 5 from v4: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v6p1g0snv0ch36m/Bf-109G-6_YLW5_9.JG52_Birkner_v5.dds/file )








Bf-109G-6_LATE (4K)

*Credit to ICDP’s outstanding 4K Template*



Bf-109G-6_LATE - ETO PACK 01

4 Skins from JG 1, JG 26, JG 27- details in download




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Great skins, thank you!

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Updated the Ostfront Pack 02 file (to v4a): LW_Pilot777 was kind enough to provide a MUCH better picture of Birkner's Yellow 5 personal painting of "Charlotte" with the heart and arrow.  If you would prefer not to download the entire pack again- here is a link to the updated skin (...v5):






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