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What is a 'drag in'?

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I was researching why the USAAF 25th FS had the moniker 'Our Assam Draggins' and came across the following on Wikipedia:


The 25th flew its first aerial combat mission over The Hump on 25 September 1942, flying a combat escort mission. After the squadron moved to Dinjan Airfield in Assam, India, combat activity increased. Due to the terrain, the pilots would usually "drag in" on their passes. It was there that the 25th picked up the name Assam Draggins.[5]


 So question - what is a 'drag in'?  

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IMO it’s not a maneuver, but rather a portmanteau of the notion that they were dragging their warm pink bodies (and bombs) close to the terrain when making a weapons pass and the squadron symbol of a dragon. Consider the conditions that degrade aircraft performance (high altitude, high ambient temperature, and high humidity) throw in the weight of bombs and you get marginal performance in rugged terrain.

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On a related note, does anyone have a better example of the original squadron patch for the 26th FS?  

This is the best one I have.




Clearly designed by the same artist but less common than the later version featuring a tiger riding a horse / mustang.




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