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Good VR headset stands with a cable coiler?

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Was wondering, does anyone know of any good VR headset stands with something to hanger the cables on? I'm using an HP Reverb.


Right now, when I'm not using it, it lives on top of my tower, but that's both, not hugely stable, and all that cable just want to go under my chair. I'm thinking there has to be a better way to set it up.


Looking through Amazon listings, I'm seeing a lot of PSVR headset stands, and a number of headset shields for the Quest, but not much with anything for corraling the piles of cables. 




Thank you, 


Harry Voyager

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For cable management, have you considered trailing them along the wall or ceiling through loops? My PC is in the corner of my room, the cable for my HMD comes out the back and up to a loop set in the wall a couple of feet in front of it and about 6.5ft high. That's sufficient to use flight/racing sims where I'm sitting near my PC without fear of the cables going under my chair or anything else. Then I have a further loop in the ceiling of the room, placed centrally and at about the same level as the wall loop. Hooking the cable up there gives me complete freedom of movement in VR for standing/walking games. The cable on the Rift S is long enough to allow me to reach all corners of my play area yet is never lying on the floor, so no fear of standing on or tripping over it.


I leave the cable through the wall loop and put my HMD on top of my PC when not in use, and the cable hangs along the wall out of the way. 

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I have a notion to maybe try a vacum cord retractor from an old vacum.  Pull the cable out to the required length and when finished give it another tug and it rewinds the cable out of the way.


For the headset, I've bought an AMVR wall bracket.  It's only crap 3D printed plastic, and I don't even know 100% if it will fit the G2, but after scorching one of the lenses on my CV1 I'm taking extra care.  I like how this bracket hangs the headset with the visor up, rather than from the strap, less chance of dust or direct sunlight getting to the lenses.

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9 hours ago, hsthhsth said:


That would be handy. I could clamp it on my desk, loop the cables in it, hang the headset on it, and if there's enough reach, even hang my headphones on it, or if there isn't, I could use it for the cables and headphones, and tack something like this to the top of my tower and keep the VR headset there: 


Amazon.com: AMVR Upgraded Version 2nd VR Stand,More Stable Base Headset Display Holder and Controller Mount Station for Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift, Rift S Headset and Touch Controllers (oculus-stand-V2nd): Electronics

@Goffik We've got high ceilings in here, and I'm next to a window, so I don't have any goo spots to wall or ceiling mount it here, but I can see that working with other geometries. 


I've actually been looking into ways I could set up my entire VR/Centerstick rig as a separate unit from my main desktop, simply so I can leave it set up and ready to fly between gaming sessions, but haven't figured out any geometry that would work yet. 😕


maybe if I turned my desk towards the window and set up the VR kit behind me? Though the problem has been getting the throttle in a good spot, and that is movable, so maybe I should simply embrace that? 


Project for this weekend, I think... 

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I use a desk mounted monitor arm. Added some padding at the end where the mounting plate of the monitor would attach so I can hang the headset on (lenses downwards). Has room for headphones too and I route the cable along it with a series of wide loose re-usable zip-ties. It's sturdy plus it keeps the cable off the floor for seated play.

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