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jpeg Plates not showing up at Mission Start

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All of a sudden I can't get the jpeg image files to show at mission start. I've included a dropbox link to the mission (it's set on the Rheinland map and includes the 4.502 Hurricane & BoN's C-47 so I'm guessing all these would be needed. It's quite busy and there's a few MCU's going on and I'm wondering whether something's interfering with the images as I've included a pictorial mission start a few times now and with no hassles but here and now, whatever I try, nothing shows. I've tried reloading the files and resetting them in the Media MCU, I've decreased the size of file, changed the dimensions to those of a known working size from previous missions but nothing.


To help find the bunch of files .... They will be the 'western' most files of the home airfield of 'Deurne' near Antwerp and I've included a screenshot of the 'problematic' bunch. Thanks in advance if anyone does have the time.


Download Link ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/tnqdfes5598kipb/Hurricanes_%26_Skytrains.rar?dl=0




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The reason the images are not showing up is because their location in the Media Operator is not correct. In the Media Operator, you have:



missions\my missions\rheinland missions\c-47's & hurricanes\media\jpegs\jpeg1.jpg






But the images are actually located in:


missions\c-47's & hurricanes\media\jpegs\jpeg1.jpg




Additionally, the ' and & symbols in your folder structure are what is causing you not to see the image. Remove any spaces and special characters from any named MCUs, entities, or folders - it just causes too many problems!


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3 minutes ago, GSHWK_Houndstone_Hawk said:

Ah apologies. I forgot to say that, that's the folder I use here at home and I forgot to change the directory when I uploaded it publicly but yes thanks, I'll try by using underscores and nor spaces and see if that helps.


Sorry, I just edited my post. The special characters are blocking you too.




Your image at the start of the game.

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