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Hurricanes and Skytrains - Basic SP Mission showcasing 4.502

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Hurricanes and Skytrains


4.502 saw the release of the Hawker Hurricane Mk.II and the ai version of the C-47A Skytrain. With kind cargo dropping logic assistance and examples from Sketch and some problem solving by JimTM I made a simple mission on the Rheinland map.


You fly as Angel Leader, part of a 2-ship Hurri flight. Tennis Flight are detailed for low altitude training drops today, in hasty preperation for an upcoming surge of resupply missions deep across enemy lines. Although generally quiet, enemy fighters have been becoming more of a menace of late around the Antwerp/Deurne area so fighter cover is a must, even if the flight plan is short & local.

Wait for the 5 Skytrains of Tennis flight to take to the runway before taxiing up behind them and taking off only when the flight are clear and airborne.


Provide cover at altitude and keep your eyes peeled.


This mission will only be playable if you own the Hurricane, Battle of Normandy (C-47A) Battle of Bodenplatte.


**Mission file has been re-uploaded with working media triggers**


Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/09eu91wdrz9jsvc/Hurricanes_%26_Skytrains.rar?dl=0




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1 hour ago, photog95661 said:

It works!  Thank you very much.  Now I'll have new challenges to overcome when the local weather turns to rain later this afternoon.

To say it's not a challenging mission would be a huge understatement on my part. It's only really designed to showcase 4.502 but hope you enjoy it all the same whilst your weather turns ugly :)


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