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Veterans Day 2020

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Howdy all,


In the US, today is veterans day (originally armistice day), which marks the end of the first world war. While most of the parades around the country have been cancelled because of the pandemic, a tradition at my AFROTC Detachment has continued. Every year, the seniors of the program have a 24 hour vigil guarding a POW/MIA table remembering those who did not make it home.


So from my family to yours, happy veterans day; remember those who cannot be with us today, and go out and show your support those who have served/are serving.




Blue skies!


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Same to you!


My family has a long and proud tradition of serving in the military. On my mother's side, my grandfather was a US Navy veteran of the Korean War, and a great uncle of mine was killed in Italy in October 1944.


On my dad's side, from left to right: Great Uncle Carlton Wallace, USMC; Grandfather Robert Wallace, US Navy Seabees; Uncle Phaylon Wallace, US Army Engineers, Vietnam; and myself in Iraq at Camp Danger, October 2004:



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Hey raaaid, when is the last time you talked to a family member or friend on the telephone?  Might be a good time to give them a call and see how they are doing and catch up on familiar things.



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23 minutes ago, SeaSerpent said:

Hey raaaid, when is the last time you talked to a family member or friend on the telephone?

my folks passed away but i see my sister every day and do my daily 2 minute talk and have my meds


my socialization limits to two minutes a day thats whys cruel deleting my posts here




anyway i like the day but more because its a pretty number 11 11


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Can't find a picture right now but both my grandfathers served during  WW2. One in the Army the other in the Navy.

-Some of my family served in the Revolution and the War of 1812 iirc (not 100% sure)

-My great grandfather served in the Army during WW1 and was wounded by mustard gas during the Battle of Saint-Mihiel.

-My 3x Great Grandfather served in the Confederacy during the civil war and fought in quite a few battle and was wounded twice, once at Gettysburg and another at The Wilderness (lost his leg).

-My uncle served in the Navy (brown water navy) during Vietnam and did riverine patrols on PBR and such.

-My cousin served in the Army in Vietnam but was KIA. My father always told me he was killed by a sniper not sure though.

-My step-father served in the Army 82nd Airborne for a while.


I've also been trying to join the military for a while but it's been a struggle.

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1 hour ago, NETSCAPE said:

Here are some photos of my Grandfather in Korea while serving with the 7th Infantry Division. I have his M2 Ordnance Compass. It's a neat little gadget. 



My wife is Korean and plenty of her family members died during the war.  I wonder if your grandfather’s trophy was one of her family’s loved ones?

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My grandfather served through the WW2 in the 7th Jaeger Regiment (Jääkärirykmentti 7) as a squad leader. 1939-1944 at the front. He was not sent to fight against the Germans in Lapland War 1944-1945.  He was never wounded physically, but mental scars of the war followed him until his death. Rarely, if ever, spoke of his experiences against the Red Army. Only heard some bits here and there. His generation is to be thanked that our country is still independent and did not succumb to Soviet tyranny.

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