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Longer Lasting Smoke Trails

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15 hours ago, Goffik said:

I've attached one that works. Makes both smoke/fuel trails and contrails last much longer than default.


As per usual these days, the modder didn't bother including a readme file so I have no idea who made it or who to give credit to. Install with JSGME.

Longer Contrails.zip 3.12 kB · 10 downloads

You could always use the search feature



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9 hours ago, LizLemon said:

You could always use the search feature


Why? If the modder can't be bothered to include a simple text file with their name in it, why should I bother doing a search so I know who to give credit to? It takes mere seconds to create a readme, something I always did in my modding days, so if someone doesn't do so then I guess they aren't fussed about getting the kudos for their work when it's shared.

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