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Why not start it simple?


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PTO is ambitious, no doubt, but why make it difficult? 

with the Mk Vb spitfire and the new Mklla/b/c/d Hurricane already in game you could easily make a PTO based around Burma/Malaysia! 

Of course many want Midway or Coral Sea and carriers, but the PTO was so much more than just the USN fleet hammering the Japs in their island hopping campaign and its certainly something that could be implemented at a later point,

but my suggestion is this: 

Being land based, a Malaysia or Burma map is would ease the developers into the theater. new vegetation and buildings would need to be created but allied airfields in the pacific did not differ much to the regular grass strips in europe so theres a lot of ingame buildings one could already use. 

As a good chunk of allied aircraft that took part of these actions are already in game (with tropical air scoops!) , it would mean the developers could focus soley on the japanese machines rather than having to scratch build both allied and axis aircraft. the IJN aircraft did not really take part in the campaign as it was primarily the IJA aircraft involved, however the IJA zeroes and D3a Vals could be quickly made naval for a later midway map with arrestor hook and folding wingtips. 

this would at least partly satisfy peoples cravings for a PTO theather. Technicals for japanese aircraft are not easy to find as i understand, and the developers want to give the aircraft historical handling characteristics, but why not start out with flight models that are already known and patch the aircraft later when more accurate technical data is found ? 

once this first PTO map is created, the developers could then reverse course and focus on USN aircraft design and carrier designs for a midway map, as the basic IJN aircraft apart from Kates would already be 80% to spec thanks to having developed their IJA counterparts for the malaysia map. 

As for the list of aircraft i would suggest: 

C47 (British Dakota)
Hurricane lla
Spitfire Mk Vb (if going for Burma campaign) 
Brewster F2A Buffalo ( for Malaysian campaign, and with a Finnish skin could be used in eastern front multiplayer?)
Blenheim mk l bomber (could see if TF could help with CLOD MKIV specs) 


L2D (License copy of DC-3) 
Nakajima Ki-43
Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Mitsubishi Ki-30 (collector)
Mitsubishi Ki-21 bomber

of course id love to get into carrier operations straight away too but personally id see this as a reasonable path for a way into PTO without straining limited resources too extensively early on

what you guys think? 


Ki-21 sally.jpg


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