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Death of Tom Weiss

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Just read this on tom website.


Hello LockOnFiles Members,


It is with a heavy heart I write to you with the news of my uncle, Thomas Weiss’, sudden passing on August 31.

I have finally gained access to his account to make this posting. I will do my best to keep the site up and running as long as possible in his honor. If you are interested in becoming an admin of the website please send a message to Tom_Weiss and i will try to answer as quickly as possible.



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That is real sad for his family first. Tom was a very nice person.  


Tom was one of the best skinners, I did compare lots of his skins that were already been made by other skinners, Toms skin was in my POV always being better. Take a look at his Mustang baremetal wings, in VR you clearly see the rivets and other small details. With all respect to other skinners, but for me, his skins were in (VR mode) even better then BoX own 4k. 



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