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Battle of Britain Hurricane Mk I skin based on UF-K 601 Squadron.

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This skin is only semi-historical but I wanted something a bit different for the career mode. Thought I would share it anyway in case some might like it.












It goes in folder -  ... data/graphics/skins/HurricaneMkII

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I came across some more information on this aircraft which you may find interesting.


P3886, coded UF-K, of 601 (County of London) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, an aircraft flown by both William Meade Lindsley "Billy" Fiske III and Carl Raymond Davis.

A graduate of Cambridge University, Fiske twice won Gold at the Winter Olympics of 1928 and 1932 as part of the US Bobsleigh team. One of only eleven American pilots active with Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, Pilot Officer Fiske was the first to give his life while serving with the RAF.

In the midst of the Battle of Britain on August 16 1940, his Hurricane was hit by a German gunner, rupturing the reserve fuel tank and cutting the engine. He nursed his stricken aircraft back to Tangmere whilst the airfield itself was under attack from German bombers. After crash-landing, the fuel tank exploded on the ground, trapping him inside the aircraft. Although he was extracted, he had suffered severe burns and died unexpectedly of shock just two days later at the Royal West Sussex Hospital.

Billy's tombstone at St Mary and St Blaise churchyard in Boxgrove, Sussex, bears the epitaph 'He died for England'.


Flying Officer Davis began his time in the RAF flying the Bristol Blenheim, and his first combat experience was during the Borkum Raid, in which an attacking force of six aircraft launched a surprise assault on a Luftwaffe base on the Frisian Islands, destroying five seaplanes.

601, the so-called 'millionaires squadron', began re-equipping with the Hurricane during March 1940 and Carl Davis went on to make the first of his nine-and-a-half combat kills on July 11 1940, bringing down a Messerschmitt Bf110. A Double Ace, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during August of the same year.

His final sortie came on the morning of September 6, 1940. After 12 frantic weeks of operations, 601 were scrambled on their final sortie before taking leave when they were intercepted by Bf109s in the skies above Kent. Carl's Hurricane was one of four lost in the fight, crashing into the village of Matfield. An eye witness, Eric W Hubbard, described the scene to Davis' wife, "I was the first to enter the cottage garden and saw him sitting in his place, with his feet on the rudder bar and the belt still fastened round his waist, clearly showing that he had not moved again after being attacked. I placed a covering over him."


Both pilots were aged 29.

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@SR603-Flowbee If you don't mind me asking, how on earth have you skinned this so early without the template? what are you using as the base to start mapping it out please? i've been dying to start work on some specific hurri skins and i've only ever really used official templates before.

and thank you for the lovely skin.




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I used an existing dds file as a base to paint on. I then used a winter skin, an alpha layer and some info from the bump map to create a rough panel lines layer as an overlay. I also created quite a few panel lines, and rivets from scratch with varying degrees of success. It is all a bit experimental but I learn a little each time. Check out my latest one in post, 'Hurricanes in VVS Service', in the skins section. I think it is really starting to take shape. The next one should be better and so on. It is all trial and error and takes time, lots of it.



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