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Flying Circus work

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Hello Han, hello everyone,

I thought that some work was being done on FLYING CIRCUS.
The elevator of the Dr.I is still down, since RoF 40 degrees down to be able to fly straight at all.

You have been pointed out to this many times
A disgrace in my eyes.
Check out the films on You Tube, or those by Mike Carlson, that's the place for you.
It was in the original, not as you programmed it.
Flying with the Dr.I is a joke.
Not to laugh, but to cry.
Have you changed anything since RoF? No, why, the community has to be satisfied with what you put in front of you.

Trimming of the aircraft as in RoF nothing.
Card a bit pimped up also nothing.

Have you done anything useful since FLYING CIRCUS was released?
You can give the answer to yourself.

Please remember, the game will only sell if it is programmed reasonably correctly.

Your sincierly

J99 * _Bodo.

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Apparently the game did not sell well enough to continue development.  Your "build it the way I demand it and they will come"  argument probably is not going to gain much traction with those that make decisions.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to see more FC development.  However, I understand that  such development is not free.  If I am 1C and people are saying "I'm not buying FC because I have RoF" or "I don't like WWI" or any other reason, why am I risking my small company to throw more money into a well?


Hope 1C finds a way to make FC profitable, but until that happens don't hold your breath.

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