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Getting back to IL2

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Ok guys i used to fly il2 1946 in hyperlobby with the vmf/214 ... ive been away for awhile, so what is everyone flying now days?  i got on hyperlobby just to find out it was dead. and with there being COD and BOS.. which one is everyone flying now days..   ive installed cod and i should recieve my flight stick in the mail in a few days..     ~S~ AUTO

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There is a own section further down this site for cod. 
This is Great Battles. Probably more popular nowadays. 
Battle of Stalingrad and onwards. 
It is in the same league as old IL 2 in complexity. But fat better and modern graphics. Cod is great but another gamerngine. You simply want to have All if you love ww2. I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you try it

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On 11/5/2020 at 9:47 AM, AUTO said:



Quite obvious you`re an old hand- that sign of respect is rare nowadays...


Welcome aboard, but don`t expect an online-communitiy like HL. Apart from that, it`s a simmers dream



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6 minutes ago, AUTO said:

i got my stick in today and im having issues setting it up



Are you asking for help, or just making a statement?


If you're asking, the first thing to do is confirm that windows sees the joystick. If so, then the problem is within IL-2. Can you describe the issues you're having?

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Welcome back!


I am always returning too, after deambulating through other flightsims, mostly civil, but lagging a LOT of the feel IL-2 brings :-)


And I am not even in VR ! A simple HeadTracker Pro is all I got...

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