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Bristol Beaufighter

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A fictional campaign made by Piper Kiev, original in Russian.

Fly with No.219 Squadron supposedly based in Ramsgate - to reduce flight times.

Missions are interception - some at 20:00 guided by searchlights, escort and ground attack.




I did a translation (Google Translator) and some adaptations/simplifications in briefings ,remove some vehicles that are causing issues (invading runway) due Clod "shenanigans".

An add an script for track player, their squadron and RAF kills, and Luftwaffe losses,


Download in ATAG - file is bigger than allowed attach there.







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Tips for night missions:


“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” 😉


Use TAB 2 for get in home base surroundings - always synchronize DG; and watch the altimeter for avoid CFIT.


When see runway beacon blinking Morse Code EGRA (Ramsgate) - visible at good distance (1 mile ~1-2 KM), climb down to ~1,000 feet's and use the beacon light as reference for see the runway lights - they apear only very near, then fly parallel to runway, slight for right - contrary to direction of landing ; for a mile or two, and looking at Directional Gyro make a 180 degrees turn until see the beacon light again, drop gear and flaps and following the beacon go for landing. 👍 




Following "Homeplate" guifdance, DG (synchronized with Compass)  in 130º (considering Magnetic Deviation).


BTW - "Homeplate"  Vector 120 don't mean the shortest path for airstrip, but the sector 120 =(91º to 120º), like in Timosthenes (c. 270 BCE) Classic Wind Rose , or YE-ZB ("Zed Baker") "Hayrake" homing system chart.


Beacon light visible at left of the gunsight (the small yellow dot), turn off the gunsight now.


Runway lights visible.



Fly this missions at night with ambient lights turned off help, and keep gunsight light on help in reduce the "blindness" inside cockpit.

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