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Axis vs. Allies Events

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Good Evening, 


I am Wood, the current C/O of the virtual 336th Fighter Squadron, and my guys and I are looking to find some like-minded units that would be willing to try one life, PvP historical scenarios. I come from the virtual world of Aces High and spent many years there flying in Friday Night Squad Ops (FSO’s), and scenarios, where each side was given certain objectives and a certain time frame to hit the target, but their approach, altitude, and all of the planning were up to the group leads. For FSO we did these three Friday nights out of the month and it genuinely lasted about two hours. Some notable differences between the two games are that Aces High servers could hold 500 players, and depending on what era you were there sometime you would have 350-400 player events. 


What I’m thinking of is an organized event that involves different virtual squadrons coming together to plan these events out with a timeline, a plane-set, and objectives, but the rest is up to the leaders and their members. We would start out with a once a month event on the weekend (if we get that far) and then depending on interest we could try twice a month. Most of the events would be split 50/50 (that also depends on player turnout), but some like a Battle of Britain scenario would be split 60/40 or 55/45. Sometimes there would be altitude caps or altitude minimums for the bombers too. 


The 336th can most certainly host the server, but we do not have a mission maker to create said scenarios. Part of the reason for doing this is to create more cooperation/communication with the virtual groups and create better historical scenarios where we, the virtual pilots decide the outcome. It also possible creates some rivalries between squadrons and certain players, which for me was a highlight of Aces High knowing which group you might be tangling with at 20,000 feet. 


So if you are interested leave a comment below, and if we get enough interest I’ll create a discord link for us and we can get together to get an idea on numbers, and whatnot. I am looking forward to working with those of you in the community. 



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