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Create a benchmark to study best hardware/settings for this game

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Dear devs,


As you know the community has been studying the performance of the game in different hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc) and best tricks/settings (in-game and out-game).

It as been beneficial for people:

- Wanting to know if their hardware is performing as expected (comparing to peers)

- Wanting to upgrade their system and determining hardware bottleneck

- Knowing the performance cost of every graphic setting and the trade-offs (visual gain vs performance)


There are multiple industry becnhmarks out there but IL-2 is very particular, specially for high specs monitors or VR devices.


It would be nice if the game could provide a 2-3 minutes test flight (or demo flight or just a flight record) which would keep the same along the future versions of IL-2.

So we could run that flight in two modes:

- in low resolution (ie 1080p) and with high CPU-load settings (mirrors, shadows, etc) to test the CPUs

-  in high resolution (ie $K or high SS) and with low CPU-load settings to test the GPUs.


There is new interesting hardware arriving this year (and future years) and many of us would like to know what should be the best choice for a given budget.


Thank you

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