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Yay, ace in a day in Career mode

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Probably not big deal for many of you, but its quite an achievement for me 😄


BoS career, 190 A3 (which I hate but I want to love by learning to fly it) moderate difficulty, mission were to cover some 109Es (their mission was ground pounding). I admit I shot down the 5 just because they were distracted trying to shot down the 109Es lol, but at least it's something. I run out of ammo so I forced the last one to maneuver at low alt and speed (they try to evade you since I guess AI doesn't know you don't have ammo remaining), until he finally stalled and crashed (I took revenge for all those times 5 AI planes follows back to my base lol).





But this is just my second mission of this career, I want to complete it without reseting any mission, aka "iron mode" (but I dont have the option checked tho).


I created like 10 careers this week so far, I always die before I can even finish 10 missions.


Next goal would be to finish an entire career without dying.... I can't imagine how's that even possible.


A question I have: did someone actually completed a career by trying to succeed at actually doing the missions? I feel like 99% of the time Im forced to disengage and go back to base doing anything because, I guess, a mix of things: my bad SA, my not good aiming (something that is key when flying the 190), the fact when the enemies spawn, they are a lot and the fact they spawn (usually, I think) at the same altitude we are.


What are your experiences with career? Have you ever finished one? 




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Well, there are very bad radio coms in career mode when compared to flying with proper squadron, so that makes it a bit harder. You are "lost" a lot more. On the other hand AI is not very good, so that makes it more easy.  I like to play Ironman modes in any game it make sense, so I like to play Ironman career modes too. They are good practice grounds, you can try different things without getting shot down at once.

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5 is good for any standards and quite dangerous on hard campaign difficulty. The only real challenge in sp is to live through the campaign while doing the mission objectives.

Obviously the LW fighter career is the easiest to survive. I`ve done probably  120 or so missions twice, having to restart missions due to dying maybe 7 times.  VVS is much harder - less kills, many bailouts and deaths from AI having plenty of ammo to spare. I`m now at August 1943 with La5FN when recalled from squad flying P39s. Probably next 40 missions I will live easily since the plane is so much better at everything.

In missions dealing in bigger flights I tend to stick with my AI, so that enemy AI doesn`t fixate on me, works pretty well.

In Free Hunt missions I don`t pay much attention to objectives and look for some easy targets opportunities.

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