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P-47D Tarheel Hal arrives in Evansville, Indiana

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The Evansville Wartime Museum recently secured a lease to display one of four remaining airworthy P-47s, registration number N4747P known as Tarheel Hal. The museum is engaging in ongoing talks to secure permanent display of Tarheel Hal.


 I headed down to the Ohio riverfront in Evansville to record the plane's arrival. Tarheel Hal left Houston, TX and stopped for a brief layover in Little Rock, AR before arriving over the riverfront.


It was both an amazing and sad moment. This plane will likely not fly again for quite awhile due to the low number of airworthy P-47s. This plane was built in Evansville, Indiana and was accepted by the USAAF on May 5th, 1945. The Republic factory in Evansville built 6,372 P47s, over half of total number of planes manufactured. My great grandmother worked there during the war installing wing components. The museum paid 3.5 million dollars for the lease.









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