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The remnants of 94 Gladiator Squadron has been evacuated from 'Bir el Malla South' airstrip due to Italian long range shelling and bombing raids.


94 Squadron has now been re-equipped with Hurricane 1's which have been ferried in from Alexandria overnight. Most of your pilots were familiar with Hurricanes having flown them extensively over Malta.


Today your Squadron will escort Blenheim's from 70 Squadron which will bomb Sidi Barrani 'Ost' airfield, the base of 150 Gruppo operating CR42 and G50 fighters. HMS Ladybird and its escorting Destroyers will bombard the coastal Italian airfields and artillery battery's during our attack.


You are flying the mighty Hurricane in this mission (which will soon be unveiled in the IL2 Sturmovik 'Great Battles' sim). I am following the whole African campaign 'semi - historically' from the beginning. Put on your 'dog fighting' gloves, the Italian pilots will test you in their inferior fighters.

DFLion 😎




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