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Need Screenshots for Listings

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2 hours ago, LeLv30_Redwing said:

Are your pics taken without re-shade and not modded with Photoshop sharpening? If so, very impressive...


I don't have re-shade or Photoshop. I think if you look really close at most of my screens you will see I have an older out of date computer and graphics card - for example of you compare to one who we know has a cutting edge system and graphics card. (In the center pic of the series above I did use a "cold temp" setting with IrfanView64 when I saved the screenshot)


For example, I use elderly GeForce GTX 750ti on obsolete Windows 7 🤣


Really though, screenshots are all about having the right time of day/weather setting and then looking at the plane from every possible angle and choosing the best one.

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- Shots need to include only content found in each title for instance only content from BOS should be in a screenshot advertising BOS. Same for BOM and BOK. i.e. plane and map. 

Are we to include the Collectors Planes as well found in the Premium Editions as opposed to the Standard Edition or Standard Edition only? Curious as I plan to take to the PC once again today and would like to wrap things up and get posted to you today as I don’t want to “miss the boat.”

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