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Need Screenshots for Listings

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Attention screenshot artists!

Hey guys, I'm hoping to re-vamp all of our screenshots on our web properties (need to focus on BOS, BOM and BOK) over the next month or so. The current product is quite a bit different than the original several years ago. Some of you have a knack for making cool screenshots. Although I am also working to make some screens myself, we will get better results if we work together on this. I also don't have the time to go through all the ones posted here and I prefer to have shots from the current state of the sim. If you'd like us to consider a screenshot for use in our marketing please post it here. Here are the requirements for a qualifying screenshot. These are necessary to avoid any claims we are falsely advertising our product.


- Prefer shots to be 1920x1080 or shrunk down or cropped to that size. Shots made in 4K and reduced to 1080p make for a very nice picture and is allowed. Also prefer it is from the current graphics engine which means the last couple updates.


- Shots need to include only content found in each title for instance only content from BOS should be in a screenshot advertising BOS. Same for BOM and BOK. i.e. plane and map. 


- Please use included skins. Many of which are now 4K.


- Avoid having the HUD on the screen or icons visible. Prefer to focus on the beauty.  


- No 3rd party mods or Photoshop edits. 


- Use highest settings your rig can run. Preferably maxed as many of you can run maxed out without too much difficulty. We want to show IL-2 is it's best light


- Need good looking shots of planes in-flight, combat, environment, clouds, terrain, damage, special effects and dramatic scenes. 


If you happen to be quite prolific in making cool screens I can offer some monetary compensation or store credit for using your efforts. I will choose the ones I think best highlight our beloved IL-2's visuals. 


I have a couple weeks to compile this collection of screens before I post them in places like Steam which is a great source for new pilots.


Thanks in advance for any help with this!


Ultimately, I'd like to gather about 3 dozen per title.









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Some really nice screens, thank you so far. Just to reiterate, I'm especially looking for BOS, BOM and BOK screens. And if you have any cool TC screens that would be helpful too.


You can use any mode of gameplay QMB, Scenario Missions, Scripted Campaigns, Career, PWCG, EZ Mission Generator etc. to create them too. 



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