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https://history.army.mil/html/books/010/10-9/CMH_Pub_10-9.pdf - The Ordnance Department: Planning Munitions for War


I came across an interesting source on some of the different types of incendiary ammunition for the AN/M2 and their development. Alongside some anecdotal quotes regarding their effectiveness. Loooads more stuff in there regarding Anti Aircraft, Air to Ground and Air to Air munitions and their employment (p.401 - 472)


Thought it might be useful once the fuelling system update has been finalised to help create a suitable implementation of API. There would be the potential to model different ammunition belts based on the period if that would be possible. 











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Seeing as it looks like fuel system modeling is underway, here's some additional documentation on incendiary ammunition.


Effectiveness of Incendiary Ammunition Against Aircraft Fuel Tanks - Oct 1948


Effectiveness of Small Arms Incendiary Ammunition at High Altitudes


The first document has a series of test results looking at 20mm Incendiary and HE-Incendiary, as well as .50 (and .60) caliber Inc and API-T, complete with probability curves for causing fires vs muzzle velocity, and fuel mixtures in tanks required for explosions.


The second looks at some real world results in WW2 and Korea, as well as some interesting testing where a remotely piloted B-17 was rigged to fire into it's own fuel tanks to record the results.



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