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Virtual Squadrons sub forum?

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On 10/2/2020 at 1:06 AM, III./SG77-K_Bobo said:

Are there any TC squads yet?  Need a ' Virtual Squadrons' sub-forum?

If guys are fixin to squad up, I'll belly up with the wallet.

Well you have SCG´s Grossdeutchland 9th company tank unit, we also play allied tanks time to time and we aim for historically accurism and semi military style of playing and our sunday missions are very close to a proper eastern front feeling with artillery raining down on one, front lines to break through, hidden and dugged down enemy tanks and mass attacks and counter attacks and deadly hidden anti tank guns, surviving our dead is dead events is quite a test for seasoned tankers :)

Also JG1 has one good tank unit too I can strongly recommend too. :)

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Set this out a while back...never read, no response




Started conversation: November 18, 2019



I've had an organized tank unit for Tank Crew since it came out and was wondering if adding another sub category within Tank Crew for players to recruit and organize tank units might not help promote the idea.  With the late European map we might get some guys interested in forming some American units as well as Russian.   This concept of organized units, if it catches on, would really help Tank Crew grow within the multiplayer community.


Sure you can post up in Virtual Squadrons within the main Great Battles section but to promote growth as defined games within themselves, I believe some subcategories should branch out in both TC and FC.


Just a thought.




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