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Destroyer - The U-boat Hunter

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I've been following this one for a while.  The developers are based in Poland and have been working on the title for a couple of years now.  The gameplay trailer landed today and looks pretty interesting.  I like the unseen enemy element described by the makers below:



"So here’s the main premise: rather than watching enemy manoeuvres, you will be interpreting reports received from radar and sonar. This will allow you to ‘see through the fog of war’ in order to plot your attack approaches, so one of the main challenges in the game will be to learn where the enemy is, mark their position accurately, and then to infer from their current movement pattern where and when to attack. This will involve interpreting certain data, and then using dead reckoning equipment to convey the relative movement between vessels in the battlespace. Only then will you be able to come up with an attack plan that has a chance of succeeding, and its execution will hinge on precision, understanding of 3D space, and time."



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Dunno.  The devs said they had been working on it for over a year when news of the Greyhound film reached them.   It definitely looks to draw inspiration from The Good Shepherd though.  

I’m certainly keen to hear more, but I would much rather have HMS Bulldog than  USS Greyhound any day, 

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Anyone here played the old "destryer command", contemporary of SH3?


I did. Sub hunting was interesting, if a bit arcadish. It had those "feeling in the dark" tactics which sub hunting is supposed to be.  The game was marred by little replayability value tho, because of the static campaigns. I would welcome another more modern iterarion.

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On 9/30/2020 at 2:19 PM, messsucher said:

Nice unique concept, but talking about sub sims which I totally forgot, I deffo want good VR sub sims. VR is like made for sub sims!


Underwater you won't see very far; VR sonar version for cruising blindfolded?

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To be perfectly honest, and going by the experience of that old Silent Hunter counterpart in which you commanded a destoyer.. its was not nearly as much fun as the subsims.


Usually what happened was:

- you were suddenly blown up by a sneaky torpedo

- aircraft turned up and sank you without much you could do about it, as AAA on your ship was nowhere enough and there was nowhere to hide on the open sea

- you somehow found a sub and tossed depth charges more or less randomly into the sea; the sub either sank or it just did not

- you met some bigger ship and either you fled or it sank you


Destoyer sims sound far better in theory than in practice IMO. 

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