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Russian Kv1-s Misssion - Velikieluki summer map

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On 8/15/2020 at 9:58 AM, Aliocha62Mordreddesurmia said:

Thank you very much for sharing this campaign on the Soviet side, for the T34 fans it's a great happiness, I'm very grateful for the time and work you devoted to this campaign. Hopefully there will be more because I find that there are many missions and campaigns on the German side and few on the Soviet side.


Nothing Fancy an Fully Fantasy, but i felt the same, and the Hun deserves to be Hammered with the workers Hammer.

Player is a KV-1s, there are three Russian tank columns heading North out on a hunting party, others a Sherman and T34 one, all with AA trucks added.

I spent quite some time getting trains to move right with advice from Jim-TM about 4 mothhs ago (Thnx Jim), and then there was SURPRISE the new 4.009 Vluki Summer map.


The partnered column tanks won't shell along with you (a bug it seems) , and it's still an unfinished very elementary mission, nothing fancy really.


The fun part: shop for a (quite hidden) Nazi armored train at the Vluki railway yard,  try not getting Shot by Stukas while at it, and enjoy the new Vluki scenery ...

When finished you could join the 2 other Russian tank platoons and help them destroy the airfield the Stukas came from further north.




Advice (and bugfix tips) welcome ...

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PS has someone some tips (example group? ) on how to make a player tank attack targets on the ground (in autopilot).

Or Ai tanks with the same job to be done? Can't get it to work yet ...

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What ground 'targets' are you referring to?


A player tank should engage any enemy ground target when AI traveling on a WP route set at medium or at low priority. They will not fire at anything when the priority is set to high.

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I am still experimenting, had some help from BeeBop that worked to get Ai planes bomb tanks, and usually they miss targets about 50 meters lol.


But i cannot get the tanks yet (player set to autopilot) to attack targets via an attack area command ...

Player drives up to the last WP OK, but then they stay put and get destroyed. Could PM stuff, but there is a street-lighting mod needed.

Map is Vluki summer, great one for tanks too ...

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