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Hispano Mk.V Ammuniton

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I dug through some old hard drives and found some old  compiled pdfs for the allied 20mm aircraft ammunition which was introduced in summer ´44 to have all rounds to have simillar ballistics (TM9-1901 29th June 1944).

The rounds are the M-95 AP-T, the M-96 Incendiary and (I guess for us the most interesting round)  the M-97 HE-I round.

All of aprox 0.29 pound (131.55g) weight and 2,800fps muzzle velocity and 1.66 seconds of flight time to travel 1,000 yards.

The HE-I carries 0.017lbs/7,71g Tetryl/Incendiary mixture (aprox. 0.012lbs/5,44g Tetryl and 0.05lbs/2,27g Incendiary) and has a super-quick (S.Q.) fuze with  instantaneous action upon impact on light material (e.g. aircraft skin). No indication on any delay mechanism or charge.

Enjoy :)




M97 20mm.PNG

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in the 1957 TM 9-1901-1, Ammunition for Aircraft Guns I found the specific HE/Incedniary Mixture for the M97 round:

0.012lbs Tetryl and 0.005lbs Incendiary.

This manual also gives us an update on the muzzle velocity if 2,730 feet/s (more accurate instruments to measure in ´57?)

Edit: the 2,730feet/s are for the M3 20mm autocannon, which has the same barrel length as the Hispano V if I am not mistaken.

Bu the manual still states approx. 1.66s flight time for 1,000 yards.



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