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DF_Tobruk_Ju88A5Trop single mission by DFLion


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You receive an urgent request for help from a patrolling Focke Wulf Condor that the Afrika Korps convoy approaching Derna is under attack by 4 British destroyers . After opening your zip file, place the mission and briefing files in your Single mission file by opening:-


2.Ic Soft Club

3.il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover


5.Single (place mission files in here)

Go to 'Single missions' in the game, find DF_Tobruk_Ju88A5Trop single mission, then hit the fly button.


Start up your Ju88, switching on your pitot heat, gunsight reticle and adjusting your oil radiator to half way. Then to save time you can now place your aircraft on autopilot for taxi and takeoff, or proceed manually. The Ju88 is a great aircraft to fly in the flight sim and worth mastering the dive bombing and level bombing using the bomb sight.

Good luck?





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