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Skin Request Fiat G.50 'Freccia'

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Please, our Bella G.50's are all but forgotten, who will do? 


MM 5945 of 352a Squadriglia, 20 Gruppo Autonomo C.T,  Martuba July 1941. (I know the profile is of a G.50 'bis')



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G.50 bis Series is rarely depicted in wartime Footage and Publications duely mixing regular ETO Series with AS and even in case of bis.

AS stood for Assalto, meant provisions for Bombracks fitted, a later bis AS existed too.

"bis" consisted of a late equipped variant which saw latest improvements and modifications based on a list of improvements that Frontline pilots forwarded to

Fiat. One of the eyecatching Mods is the slimmer Trop Filter and a different slightly longer and closed Prop hub Cover, to prevent the Prop feather mechanism from dust damage.

Retrofitting was of trop equipment always behind shedule, never completed. The bis appeared around 1942 amongst Units on the Balkan and Tunisia first, at least that was where I could trace real "bis" in combat timeline.

Don't be confused on G.50 bis showing without Prop Hubs, that's literally the same, just a lazy Groundcrew thingy, obviously it flew without in the same fashion.


A real G.50 bis



Fiat G.50 bis without Prop hub as used by Regia and and later Luftwaffe


early G.50 with old larger Trop Filter (note shorter and pointed Fiat CR.42 Prop Hub)




one of the rareties of G.50 bis of 161 Gruppo-Autonomo-C.T., 162 Squadriglia, 162-8, Palermo Boccadifalco, Jan 1943




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Thanks for hint...great liveries


Just one more question...sorry. I placed the files in the mentioned folder...but do I need to edit other files to get the skin in game? I tried the G50 into an offline mission...but I cannot select my custom livery.

Thanks again for any feedback

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Thanks julian...maybe I selected wrong folder....in my path there are plane folder named with tobruk suffix...other with no suffix....take a look at the screenhsot below of my skin folder located at: C:\Users\Federico\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\PaintSchemes\Skins


For the CR42 there are two folders ---for example


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@4SCT_ Vespa, There's actually 3x CR-42's folders; CR42, tobruk_CR42_Trop and tobruk_CR-42_Trop.


Just pop it in one of those folders and carry out a process of elimination as to which folder it should be in OR place in all three ( Thats what I've done - to lazy to carry out elim process).

Suffice to say I have the skin working in game.


In options, under planes, select the AC there to enable the custom skin. :salute: 

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