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Developer Diary 258 - Discussion

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Just now, Han said:

We are currently preparing version 4.009 for release, the process is not easy, but we hope for its successful completion very soon. In view of this, the diary today will not be very detailed, but the topic is interesting. Today we show you the P-51B / C being developed for Battle of Normandy.



Full news - here is a full text and visual materials

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I always preferred the early Mustang  for some reason that I cannot figure, good to know this will come with the alternatives most of us hoped for.:drinks:


Thank you very much to all involved, really appreciated.;)


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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32 minutes ago, MeoW.Scharfi said:

wow 😍 😍


Hopefully it comes with the API. 😈

I feel really dumb, but API?

Lots of really cool options for this ride.  Thanks for taking the time to do it to these standards.  The only experience I have with the b/c model I have comes from limited exposure in '46.

It will be fun to fly and experience the differences from the D model.  Thanks!

Ah - Armor Piercing Incindiaries.  Got it.  :)

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FIRST......after all those ahead of me. 

Even though the P-51D will always be my first choice, the B/C looks very sleek. I’m sure my first trip up with her will be filled with memories of Col. Blakeslee leading the Fourth over occupied Europe during those early February missions in 1944. Can’t wait. 

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Nice pictures. However, I have one massive point of contention:



Although she is a predecessor, the B/C model is somewhat superior to the D model in speed at ground level and maneuverability. The reason for this unusual situation is that the teardrop canopy creates more aerodynamic drag than the high-backed design.


Empirical data does not support this at all.


P-51B, V-1650-7 engine, 67" MAP:




All tests were made at a gross weight at takeoff of 9335 lbs. which included full oil and 265 gallon of fuel. Level flight and climb performance were completed with wing racks. In addition level flight speeds were obtained at the critical heights without wing racks.
B.   The airplane was flown throughout the tests at normal configuration with wing racks, gear and wing flaps up, mixture auto rich, and oil and coolant shutters automatic unless otherwise specified. It was equipped with four .50 caliber guns, two in each wing, with the gun ports covered with fabric patches. The aluminum skin of the airplane was unpainted.

C.   The airplane was equipped with a Packard V-1650-7 engine and a 11 ft ft. 2 in. diameter Hamilton Standard hydromatic four blade propeller, blade dwg. No. K-6523A-24 Serial No. 403196. Horsepowers reported obtained from Packard Motor Car Co. altitude performance chart for V-1650-7 engine dated 12-3-43.



Speed at SL: 361.5 mph

At low blower critical altitude, 10.300 ft: 409.0 mph


P-51D, same engine and settings:





High speed and climb performance have been obtained on this airplane at a take-off gross weight of 9760 pounds. Performance was obtained up to an altitude of 35,000 feet in increments of 5000 feet in a clean configuration. The clean configuration included one external bomb rack on each wing.

The engine turns a Ham. Std. Hydromatic constant speed four bladed propeller, Dwg. No. K6523A-24.



Speed at SL: 375 mph

At low blower critical altitude, 10.000 ft: 417 mph


This shows the P-51D, running the same engine with the same boost and turning the same prop as being faster than the P-51B, with both fitted with wing racks. This is with the P-51B only having four guns with ports covered, and having been stripped of paint whereas the P-51D report only specifies it was flown with full ammunition, implying the full six gun armament, and no mention whether its gun ports had been covered, or its skin stripped of paint.


I will welcome any evidence to the contrary.

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38 minutes ago, MeoW.Scharfi said:

Hopefully it comes with the API. 😈

Means this, a new type of ammo in general and the ability of the DM to simulate the armor piercing/fire damage?
Other weapons in the game had historically also API Shells.

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1 hour ago, mattebubben said:

While im looking forward to the P-51B/C as much as the next guy =P.

Where is my Hurri though?


They were all requisitioned for use in North Africa as part of Il-2 Desert Wings!


11 minutes ago, Jade_Monkey said:

They said API would come with the fuel systems rework, so assuming that's coming sooner than the P51 B we should see it🤞


That makes it quite a bit more exciting doesn't it?

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