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We where just on aprouch for landing at Enschede after an sucessfull parashute mission, when the server timed out. Our team made xxTot3nkopfxx recived the point  and a 1 CM, but Shark_Leaden was marked as bailed out and me (dimu) counted as captured!
Loosing 300 points and my medal!

Rheinland_North#137  18.08.2020 04:05:25

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We spent almost 1 hour and 24 minutes flying without interruption until the server closed. We had entered the enemy territory, released the paratroopers and returned without problems, but with less than 5 minutes to land in Enschede, the server closes. We should have received at least 1 CB, but when I looked, it was marked as if it had ejected and I lost 60 points...

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