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The Battle of Britain 1940

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Here's my online version of BoB. You can spawn both sides, play it alone or with your friends.
There's 16 objectives per side, but there's no code for victory, you complete your objectives and that's it.
You need to create a server even if you will play it alone due the spawn style.
All the spawn places are historically accurate and almost every airfield can be used on the map.
Choose your side and go for an objective. Some objectives can be destroyed with fighters. 



Just unzip the folder in: C:\Users\*username*\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Multi\Co-Op\


Here's a video showing how to play it online.




Every 10 minutes the map will show you the objectives for both sides and spawn 1 AI squadron per side to keep the map "populated" (3 Allies and 3 Axis).
To avoid the squadrons from spawning every 10 minutes, raise the number of players that can access your "server" (20 for example).

That way the "spawning code" will not work. The maximum players I've tested to alow the "spawning code" to work was 10.


Obs.: On the ATAG forum under "Downloads>Cliffs of Dover>Multi Player Missions" you can find more info about this mission.



Always keep every option on the Aircraft Switching box unmarked on the 'Realism' Menu,
if you don't do this you'll not be able to spawn a plane, switch armies, etc playing online missions.




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