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How to get skins into the game...?

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Hi guys, excuse me for being a little thick but I'm having trouble getting the skins into the game. I did well with the old RoF game getting skins into it but am not sure what the sequence is for Flying
Circus. Any help would be appreciated. I unzip ok but am not sure where to place the download.

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Make sure the files you are trying to put in there are .dds files.

Make sure you are unzipping the right model aircraft to the right folder. P51 .dds to the P51 folder etc.  Dont just put it in the skins folder, it must go into the correct plane folder inside the skins folder.

Then you will see the plane in the custom skin list inside the game.

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4 hours ago, Paladin314 said:

Ok so i unzip and copy and paste or drag into that location and yet nothing happens. I go to custom skins in game and find nothing. I uses 7 zip. Shud I use another?


Have you activated "show custom paint schemes" in your game?


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