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External aircraft sounds inside cockpit

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There is a very large issue ingame currently which started about 4.006 where when flying german, if you use headphones, allied planes can be heard from up to roughly 1.2km away. P38, P47, p51, tempest, a20 are the loudest and spitfire is also to a lesser extent very loud.


When flying allied it is not possible to hear any german planes during flight.


Realistically you should not hear anything outside however we do like sounds in the game, just needs to be more even for both sides.


It is at times impossible to bounce german planes in multiplayer as they can hear you coming. Have you noticed lately german planes always start check their 6 when you get within 1km range? Like as though they received a check 6? Its because they can hear your engine at full power. The solution is to reduce engine noise, cut power and rpm...


My recordings dont reproduce this sound well, but ingame with headphones it is very pronounced. I have my squad mates who agree that this is heavily effecting gameplay.


Please if you want any evidence, please let me know how you would like it presented and i will get onto it.


Much appreciated and kind regards,


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I can confirm, I can hear allied planes from a fair distance now, but not axis planes unless they are extremely close. Seems like some sound issue for sure. For me Tempest and P38 are the most noticeable.

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This is a pretty big problem for competitive multiplayer in my opinion. I wasn't aware of it until Beno told me about it; now I am acutely aware of how easy it is to hear an Allied plane in an Axis fighter on Combat Box. 

Please please please look into this issue, devs!

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Can confirm, that the axis planes are much quieter than the allied planes. Seems to be a particular problem with the sounds being used facing the front of the planes and the rear. the sides have a much different tone compared to the other two. You can test yourself in quick mission flight. Also the allied planes are much louder from distance in external view than the axis planes. Just position the free camera 1-2 km above and ahead of the plane and listen as they go by. For example the tempest is much louder and can be heard sooner and for longer as it goes by as compared to the G14. Same for the 47 and any of the other Bodenplatte allied planes. I have not done testing on Russian aircraft, so i can't confirm if they are louder.

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Can you guys make a short track records (one-two minutes) with examples (for both sides)?

Also - are you sure that it was ok before 4.006?


PS: Dont forget - you need to attach both - an *.trk and folder of record.

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I'm pretty sure it started when you guys did the major upgrades to the damage model but possibly later as i did not notice it until about June. I can only work from my memory (which my wife says is terrible). 


It would be great for multiplayer to have it fixed. 


I am finding that of the axis planes the d9 is possibly the loudest... i have just slightly heard it once. 262 i can hear but too late to do anything. But allies, the sound effects well beyond guns range. 

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