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Anybody seen the comet, yet?

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Just saw it yesterday - around midnight and due north.

It was visible with the naked eye - even against the glow of the city of Berlin.


Not a comet like Hale-Bopp back in the day, but certainly a welcome change in the skies!


Have fun, spotting!

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Yep. I saw it tuesday morning at around 3:30.  It's visible with the naked eye.

For the first few days it was visible just in the morning from around 3am to 4am.

Now it's also visible in the evening.

  Pretty cool. I wonder what it will see on this Earth next time it comes to the neighborhood.....7000 years from now.

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I saw it Wednesday night but there was a lot of haze and clouds on and a little above the horizon.  So, yes saw it through the haze in 10 x 50 binoculars -- haze had it where it was not naked eye that night. It will be moving higher more toward the big dipper each night, hope it doesn't dim too quickly. Hoping to get some better views of it.

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