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Giveaway - Cliffs Of Dover: Blitz

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Giving away 1 copy of COD: Blitz.

You must have a steam account (requirement for the game).


I would prefer to give it to somebody who is legitimately interested in it or in the soon to be released Desert Wings: Tobuk dlc (of which this title will be required).

I also would prefer (though not a requirement) to give it to someone who is finding it tight financially right now and may not otherwise be able to justify or afford many discretionary expenditures.

To enter - just claim a number between 1-20 (first come, first serve on the number) and I will roll a 20-sided die tomorrow to see who wins (If I don't get 20 interested, I will keep rolling till I match a number chosen). Good luck.

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Well, it took me a couple of rolls before I hit a number that was taken. I eventually rolled an "8".

So the winner is Javiercopi! Congratulations!!!!! -- I sent it to you. Also check your messages.


Have fun!


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