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Iron Fury (t-34) and other movies that get you in the mood to play tank crew?

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Movies that I like that (now I have tank crew) will get me in the mood to play:


- Iron Fury (t-34 is the eastern name for this movie) - A very recent Russian movie purely about a tank crew. The story is supposed to be based in History but is rather fantastic. Some really good Matrix style CGI and the big draw being the enemy Panthers. Hired this and want it on 4k if that ever happens. Stores here only have it on DVD.
- Tanks for Stalin - An adventure movie about moving the T-34 Prototype for Stalins inspection. I think this is on Tubi?
- Kellys Heroes - A movie with a tonne of Sherman tanks in it and Clint Eastwood. It's a gold heist behind enemy lines in ww2. I have this one on Blu Ray
- White Tiger - I don't recommend this because the Tiger looks silly. It has some good Russian kit lying around though
- Saving Private Ryan - It has the fake Kellys Heroes Tigers in it. Good movie all round. Got it on 4k
- Fury - Some very strange scenes in this movie both tactically and from an acting stand point. It's an annoying movie that I own on blu ray but just cannot watch because of the annoying sidekick in Brad Pitt's tank. The Tiger charges the Shermans for some odd reason in this movie as well as the german infantry forgetting they have AT for some time.

- Stalingrad - A newer Russian version of Stalingrad (not the older good stalingrad movie) that has mock Panzer IV tanks made from T55 hulls I think. Not a very good movie at all and I do not recommend.

- Tankova Brigada - 1955 czech movie about late ww2 czech t-34 tankers. Has some real panthers in it iirc. Thousands of extras but in general a very slow movie. The one I have is in black and white on DVD. But I think it is colourised in the youtube footage I have seen.

- Battle of the Bulge - Unfortunately the tanks in this film are all post ww2 - I think they are American Chaffee's of Korean War vintage and Patton tanks? I mean M24 Chaffee tanks did serve in late ww2, but not the Patton Tanks that pose as tigers. Don't own it but have watched it a few times because it turns up all the time everywhere.

 - Saints and Soldiers battle of the tanks - Has Hellcat Tank destroyers in it and a fair amount of tank action. I think they face a pretty good mock up of a panzer III? Think this is pretty easy to get on the standard streaming services.

Want to see:

- Indestructible - Russian movie about kv1 tankers. I think it has the same T55 chassis panzer IV mock ups as the newer Stalingrad.

Anybody got any other movie recommendations when it comes to ww2 tanks. Outside of ww2 their was a movie called "the beast" about a Russian tank crew in afghanistan... outside of that I really cannot remember any other tank films per sae.

P.S. I am not usually on these forums and do not know how strict topic moderation is. Move this topic if you need to. I posted because I am currently downloading tank crew and am a little excited :)

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I liked Defiance - Daniel Craig leads a group of jewish partisans in ukrain. At some point they fight Panzer IIIs.


A bridge too far is a great movie, has some tank action and most importantly settles the old quabble between paratroopers and mechanized infantry :P


Steiner is a great movie as well, also with T34 in it.


To Hell and back also has some tank action, but I simply love the fact, that audy murphy plays himself!


But movies the concentrate on tank combat are quite rare - and you already covered all I saw.

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Tali-Ihantala 1944 - many interesting vehicles; especially the StuG

The Beast (1988 film) - T-55

Four Tank-Men and a Dog - if you can tolerate a really old series

28 panfilovtsev - more antitank than tank


I don't necessarily endorse these films, but they all have at least some interesting armoured elements.


I'm sure that there are many I've missed.

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Tali-Ihantala 1944 - I own this on dvd and love the STug scenes. Good movie. I have only watched it once because it has to be watched away from the family iirc

A bridge too far is another American tanks pretending to be german tanks iirc... the movie was a good one. The recon elements that rush the bridge were funny to watch. Such a hodge podge

Steiner I have seen and was ok


Have not not heard of the others and will look into them. I do appreciate the suggestions!! :)


- Just remembered Saints and Soldiers battle of the tanks - Has Hellcat Tank destroyers in it and a fair amount of tank action. I think they face a pretty good mock up of a panzer III?

I should ask as well, what did you guys think of Iron Fury (T-34)? For me it was like Top Gun for tanks. I believe it was a propaganda film that one of the Russian ministers said all Russian kids should see. 

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I seem to remember a rather bonkers film about a P-40 in the Western Desert that gets shot down, and can taxi but not take off again.  It ends up playing an improbable game of cat and mouse with an evil panzer that hunts it across the desert.  

OMG found it on youtube.  It's called Death Race.


I'm sorry...



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Sahara is a 1943 American black-and-white action war film from Columbia Pictures, directed by Zoltán Korda, that stars Humphrey Bogart as an American tank (M3)commander in Libya during the Western Desert Campaign of World War II.

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On 7/12/2020 at 6:13 PM, Lofte said:

There are two great soviet movies about WWII tankers

1) "На войне как на войне" ("In war as in war"), 1968

2) "Жаворонок" ("Lark"), 1964


There was a short period in 1960s-70s in soviet filmmaking when they did great and honest movies.

Can't find english subtitles, sorry

Nice.Shame there are no subs. I would have enjoyed watching those.

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Estonian movie, if I recall well, i was impressed by the weapons/tanks authenticity..


On 7/8/2020 at 8:01 PM, [KG]Destaex said:

Saints and Soldiers battle of the tanks

the Hellcats are awesome in this! little too clean but awesome

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On 3/25/2021 at 8:05 PM, Feathered_IV said:

The Israeli miniseries Valley of Tears about the Yom Kippur war of 1967 is very enjoyable.  


Got to know a girl in Israel a few years ago - she’s a tank commander/instructor. My feelings on women in combat aside - I thought this was kinda cool.

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