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18 minutes ago, Stoopy said:


As long as servers have the 150 hi-test available, this will help keep up with those P-38's online.  Usually as the lone P-47 pilot at an airfield, if there's a group of fully-laden Lightnings heading out for a strike I try to form up with them to provide strength in numbers, but after a given altitude they eventually start walking away.   Now I guess we'll see if they can still outrun the fat kid on the block so easily. 



That is THE skin I was looking at and thinking it's the most bitchin'. 



P-47 should be faster than the 38, 38s top speed is only around 420 iirc. Cruise is probably a bit faster in a 38 though, idk.

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I was ready for this before my birth and have been waitig just as long. Like Fox2-looooooooooooooooooooong!!!!

Ferdi looks great & I can hear Normandy coming.....Hooorah, Sturmovik, Hooorah!!!




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