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1 hour ago, DD_Arthur said:


Hmmm....did anyone really put a U-2VS in a wind tunnel?



Let's find out.


I do not see any but I am pretty sure this engine works using advanced math. I seriously doubt they just type in Wikipedia numbers. A NACA Profile is most likely needed. This plane uses a NACA-230 Airfoil.





Data like this, is what is needed.



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Hi guys


are you still planning to bring the IAR 80/81 as a collector plane ?

still waiting for it (please)



PS: you're doing an amazing job in bringing aviation history back to live


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Is there a chance this bird could be developed ? It was involved in many missions when the Germans launched their Eastern Front offensive and it actually performed quite well . We had it in the original IL2 series and I think it would be great to add it as a collector plane here . 

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On 6/26/2020 at 4:02 PM, Jaws2002 said:

There was just some talk about the IAR-80/81, back before Battle of Stalingrad, but the idea was dumped pretty early.

 They said multiple times since then, they won't make a IAR-80/81. 


How definitively? They also said they have no plans for the I-153...


...but as they run out of WWII aircraft - I'd hope they'd reconsider and release some of these. I always thought the idea of an 'anniversary edition' with two new aircraft for each existing module (plus additional missions/campaigns) would be a smart move. The upgrade could be a paid DLC for existing users, and take the form of an increase in price of the premium editions for new users.

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On 12/27/2020 at 9:16 AM, [=PzG=]-FlyinPinkPanther said:

Just gave myself a quick history lesson. It seemed like a very cool aircraft with many variants and purposes. The devs could almost do a Hurricane approach to it. However, this a/c is less known and less celebrated than the Hurricane. I can imagine only the purist buying it if it not part of a module. 



We had three versions of the plane in the old Il-2. and a most of the people here know it. It was not a tier one plane, but was fun and many people liked it.

I think it would sell.

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1 hour ago, [808_BOB]Dafak-man said:

Personally I think some IAR 80s would be extremely nice to have in IL-2 mostly because it is such a beautiful plane. I loved flying this in IL-2 1946.

Interesting, the two aircraft closest to the camera have yellow spinners, while the other two have black spinners. I wonder why that is?

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I agree too. I think that the collector planes should be for aircraft produced in lower quantities but significant in the conflict. At the same time they would fill in the holes in the different escenarios or battles.

The IAR80, He112B, and others would be great additions to the game. Planes massly produced such as the I15 or I153 should be plane set of a full Barbarossa Battle of, IMHO.


Eventually in not a very long time, the Germans will run out of planes to be added to the sim. It will be necessary to get Italian and rare planes if they want to keep the 5+5 balance.

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1 hour ago, [Pb]Cybermat47 said:

Interesting, the two aircraft closest to the camera have yellow spinners, while the other two have black spinners. I wonder why that is?

Mostly due to different paint scheme preferences between pilots I think.

As you can see here



Some models have yellow spinners, some have black spinners.

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I would also like to see the I.A.R. added, they operated through the campaign in Russia and so really do need to be included.;)


I'll also reiterate that we also need the other armed forces that served alongside the Germans, and Russians for that matter,

adding into the current modules as that would expand the usage of the existing maps and campaigns to reflect reality.


There are many holes in the existing aircraft list that could be filled using certain types as collectors, this is one of them.


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

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Good candidates for "The Axis Others" east front pack, IAR 80/81 series, IAR 38/39 recce lite attack series, SM-79 Romanian/Italian shared bomber built under license by Romania also, CR-42 Hungarian main fighter in 41 later used for night ops and shared with Italy, and Italian's Macchi C 200 which belongs on the Stalingrad map.  They all have a solid history and use on or near the Stalingrad map.


Put that up with some highly desired crap oddballs from the Russian side and I'm in.  Some day the infantry will arrive and the ground war is certainly pushing ahead thanks to tanks, these crap planes will have their roles and will be noticeably missing, Romania held a huge chunk of the south line.  Odessa area map wouldn't hurt my feeling none.

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