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This is for people with some experience making video's

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'Tank you'.

Very informative.

What program do you use to put the .trk format into, say, MP4 format?

I use VidedPad which does not accept .trk.

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.trk is not a video file. Hence, it will not playback / work with any video editor.  Steps are: (1) Create your tracks / .trk.  (2)  Capture scenes from your tracks using a video capture software; like Shadowplay. Different formats (like .mp4) are available for capturing.  (3) Now you can edit these video clips in a video editor.


So... movie making is a three step process (1) Record track, (2)  capture favorite scenes as video (3) edit the video clips  with video editing software. Track, capture, edit.


It's the #2 step which Rickrick123 is focused on. It's the most creative part.

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