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Hi everyone,


I started to experiment a little bit with the Spawner MCU in the editor. As the manual says it is not possible to spawn groups in formation, because in that case the wingmen will just idle and don't follow the lead's actions.

Does anyone know a workaround to this? For example, is it possible to form a group* between ai-planes after the mission has started? 

Or do I have to do it the hard way and define take-off commands, waypoints etc. for each individual aircraft?


*with target-edges from all wingmen to the lead.

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Well, sadly, I have to answer you that the answer is in your question...

Hard way only...


Though, there should be a way to do it since we can observe that in carreer with bombers formations.

Maybe an "activate" MCU. Not tried that yet, but tried others things not satisfactories.

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Simple way: don't use spawn, but a deactivate/activate logic.

mission begin => deactivate => group plane

"in logic" => activate => group plane

--------------=> timer => command (waypoint or whatever) => group plane


with spawn: maybe with a command-formation or a command-cover ?


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I wish they'd fix this..


Anyway, as Genius says - you can put in as many groups as you want and de-activate them after a few ms.

Then activate each as desired with timers, or 'events'.

It all gets a bit messy if you've lots of groups, but once you've done one group and established it works ok, you can copy the sequence as many times as you want, then link together if necessay / change objects or properties.

If you just want this for a single group, de-activate after 50ms or something like that, then simply 'activate' in the manner you want. (i.e. a timer or event / trigger).


I recently used x7 groups of x4 Bristol's to air spawn, bomb targets, then go land.

Hell of mess, if formations worked with spawners life would be much simpler !




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Yep, and the ME too with all its unlogic logics. And then after a while my ole brain has forgotten about them lil' clever tricks once learned, and has to re-invent the wheel.

The worst is the urge to change existing downloaded missions or campaigns because something in there you don't like.

Some published stuff is really well organized in groups etc, but grouping stuff later is awful when all planes, vehicles, waypoints etc are not named properly.

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