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APHE hit effect for TC

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Aliased in game APHE hits on armour to AP hit effect ie less HE more sparks as it should be for penetrating shells. Only the effect is changed, not the ballistic properties of shells. Had to compromise with the German 75mm. It only works if I alias it to the 88mm. I am further working on all drivable tanks' engine sounds. It is also a matter of compromise because of the way the game engine reads and combines engine sound effects vs visual ques such as exhaust effects, gear change etc. 


Unzip and activate with mod enabler (beware double folder error). File structure in mod folder should be; APHE_hit/data/luascripts/worldobjects/ballistics & explosions etc


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Just had a 735MB update on steam that seems to change APHE hit effect. More sparks and less smoke for APHE. Only tested with Tiger vs T34 in quick battle. If that is the case then mod is not required

Will stand by with tank sounds as well. The masterbank sound file was also changed/updated?

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