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Dear all,
I'm selling my flight simulation equipment.
Here I will be as brief as possible. For any additional detail please PM me.
So, here it is:

[SOLD]Gunfighter Mk.III + MCG Pro grip (RU labels): EUR 330[SOLD]
[SOLD]UCM Short Set: EUR 90[SOLD]
KG 12 Grip: EUR 45
[SOLD]T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV[SOLD]


The GF Mk.III was fully upgraded from a Mk.II (Rev.B) on January 2019, with the exclusion of "Space" cams, which I did not require. The Mk.II (Rev.B) was bought in February 2018.

[SOLD]Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle: EUR 45[SOLD]

[SOLD]TrackIR 5 and TrackClip PRO: EUR 100[SOLD]

[SOLD]UTC Mk II led tracker: EUR 45[SOLD]

All these devices have been used sporadically since February 2018.
The only exception is the TrackIR sensor, which is a bit older (2016) but functions perfectly.

All devices have been kept with great care. VKB devices are like new.

Shipping from Italy; shipping costs will be calculated ad hoc.
EU strongly preferred.
Persian carpet not included! ;)


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TrackIR sold.

Gunfighter, mount and grips are still available. I wish to propose an interesting discount to those who want the whole lot (Gunfighter + MCG + KG12 + UCM).

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