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AI tank gunner in QMB

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To test the new simulated binoculars and an issue, which occured after 4.006, I was playing a few QMB 1 vs. 1 duels with tanks in the QMB.

Immediately after the mission started, the turret still at 12 o'clock, my gunner told me about a tank at 11 o'clock position he turned the turret and immediately started shooting at the other tank.


My suggestions:

1. When a player starts any mission in TC, the default setting should be AI crew turned off. It should be the player's decision, if he wants to play with or without AI crew support. If he wants to use it, he simply can turn on the autopilot in driver's position.

2. If I play with AI gunner, it still has to be my decision as commander, if he shoots at a target, except I give the command to shoot on own will. The commander usually gives the 'Fire' command.

3. With the turret at 12 o'clock, it is impossible for the gunner to see a target in the 11 o'clock positon with the small FOV of the gunsight. Only the gunners of the russian tanks should be able to do this, because of their periscope.

4. Starting the 1 vs. 1 missions with the enemy tank in a distance of 1500m is too close. Give a distance of at least 2k, better 3K, so it is not a race, who is shooting faster, but you have to move before being able to kill your opponent and vice versa.

5. The animation for lifting the commander's binoculars is much too slow. As former tank commander (though it was just an IFV) I can tell you, you move the binos more with the speed, you lift your beer for drinking (and I don't speek about the fifth or tenth beer, so you might have some issues with getting it right to your mouth;)). Please increase the speed of the lifting animation.


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