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Can't host anymore since 4.007

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Hey everyone,


since the new update I can't host multiplayer missions anymore. I don't use a dedicated server, I just host from the game menu. Before the patch this was no problem, but now everybody get just kicked back to the previous menu after they had a loading screen (after they clicked on my server in the dogfigh-server menu), while I don't even get a notification that anyone tried to connect. I double checked port-forwarding ([TCP: 28000->28000; 28100 -> 28100], [UDP: 28000->28000])  and even shut down my firewall, but this doesn't change anything unfortionately.


Has something changed in the new version?


Kind regards and thanks in advance for any help.




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I did that already. I deleted all mission files (with open editor) and saved them again. I also build a new quick test mission to check if the old missions were compromised since the update somehow.

Unfortionately it didn't help.

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