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Crash to desktop after adjusting settings after the 4.007

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I noticed I had some trim axis needing inverted today after the update. No idea why, but once I tried to fix it I ended up wrestling it.

If in game flying or parked, exit to adjust axis inputs click on them and 8 or of 10 times the game crashes to desktop.

Sometimes it doesn't crash, but once back in the cockpit I have lost stick controls, until I reboot the game.

It doesn't help to go to the main menu settings either, it will do it there also. It will even crash when adjusting the dead zones before clicking Accept.

Here is a vid of it.




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Good morning, in mine something similar happened in multiplayer, because, when playing with smaller
 planes such as bf 109 and yak, it worked normally, but when playing with bombers such as HE 111, 
I couldn't use the rudder controls, just not it worked, making it impossible to fly. I fly using T.1600m fcs
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8 hours ago, -DED-Rapidus said:

Unfortunately, the problem does not reproduce. I need more information about which devices are being configured?

I went to try again last night after finding out about the EnableErrorReporting file, but after the update it is behaving at the moment.

It is Microsoft FFB, X-45, X-52, CH pedals, it did it too every one of them.

If it comes back I'll activate the EnableErrorReporting .

Thanks for the reply.

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I do know the game will only look for a stick on startup, its not possible to plug it in after game starts , because it will not detect it.


This is file game uses to determine what the number of the stick is


..\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input\devices.txt


If you delete this file game will regenerate it (with current guid for your devices). if the joy# gets mixed up(depending on order sticks are detected by windows, the usb port used can impact this) , you can edit this file to make sure JOY# matches what is set in game (the GUI id is the unique windows device name for you stick/game device, this file maps that to a joy# seen in settings)




I got a crash to desktop at one point , I did a file verify and steam said 12 files need to be updated (this was on one of the 4.007 patches)
After the files were fixed I rebooted PC. I have not had any further issues yet.

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