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MFG Crosswind 3d printed Combat pedals

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15 hours ago, hegykc said:

Did some further modifications to my MFG's. A can of spray paint and no more white rudder pedals.
Red spring adjustment wheel, red brake spring adjusters and some bronze accents. Also ordered a red hydraulic damper to match.



I like the spring adjustment wheel - nice detail.

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Finally had the old design show up. Flew a couple quick missions in IL-2 with them set to the 2nd weakest hole. They feel nice, more normal to me being able to keep my heels on the ground. 


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All new EU based test units are in the mail. All Australia and US testing units will soon be made locally and shipped from there, so we don't have to rely on air shipping which is not working due to the pandemic. So I have about 10 testing units left if anyone from EU wants them, pm me.


I think the hydraulic dampers are another winner. The main axis hydraulic damper just takes it to another lever, for those seeking realistic, heavy duty feel. And brakes hydraulic dampers do the same for the brake feel. I will do some more flight tests, and then start sending testing kits for further suggestions .


Tools. Not toys.




If you're wondering what are they bolted to, it's a modular flight rig I'll add to my product line:


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The new style pedals with the support blocks arrived for me a few days ago (London).


All I can say is that they are rock solid so far, very coinfidence inspiring with the extra surface area of the support block.  Big improvement over the first design. 


The new options for bolt placement is also welcome; I've managed to mount them slightly lower than the old set, and they sit in the arch of my foot even better.  This has made a bigger difference than I thought it would, and feels even more natural.

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Hi Hrvoje

This is my first post here.


I am starting my Sim build and should have my Crosswind V2 in a couple days.


I would like to incorporate the new style pedals and dampers for my Crosswind V2 and wondered if I could get a set to buy. I am located in Oshkosh, WI USA.

I could source the damper locally but would need the plastic mount's and pedals. 

Any help would be greatly apreciated.


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I am setting up a webshop, but you can private message me if you want a set of combat footrests right now.


But be aware, I am from Europe and overseas packages take 1-2 months to arrive in this pandemic times.

Which is why I'm also working on having them printed in US and AU directly.

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Just tried to get me a set of rudder pedals plus soft spring plus CAM5, but got bounced by WS Pay credit card payment system.

It said that the payment has been processed successfully, then said I'd be sent back to the webshop, and then I got to a page telling that the payment was unsuccessful.

400 bucks lingering in the void now.

WS Pay greatfully accepted the money, but the shop never received it :unsure:




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On 1/1/2021 at 12:12 PM, SAS_Storebror said:

Just tried to get me a set of rudder pedals


You're gonna have to go through official MFG website. I'm just making mods for them.


The design is finalized. I've created a small webshop:



and a facebook page:




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