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Developer Diary 252 - Discussion

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Just now, Han said:
Hello friends,

As you know, the recently released update 4.006 brought many important and interesting changes. Our work continues and soon we will start to prepare the new update 4.008 that is planned to include P-47D-22 "Razorback" fighter for Battle of Normandy and tank destroyer Sd.Kfz.184 "Ferdinand" for Tank Crew. You may have noticed and wondered why the mission number isn't 4.007?


Speaking on the update 4.008, which is planned for late June - early July, we have also something to show you already. Another legendary plane, P-47D-22 "Razorback", will begin the Early Access for Battle of Normandy:



Full news - here is a full text and visual materials

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This are great news!
The Thunderbolt looks great and I can't wait to see it in action :) But since you are already talking about 4.007. Besides the long awaited features, can we expect improvements regarding the MSAA problems of the AMD cards? Like the pixelation on in the exterior view?

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we will start to prepare the new update 4.008 that is planned to include P-47D-22 "Razorback" fighter 
The answer is that we plan to release an intermediate update before that, it will add some important functionality and new features. They will be based on your feedback mostly and will bring some features long-awaited by the community.

Someone with lab equipment, figure out how to distill this stuff so I can inject it directly into my veins!

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Really looking forward to the Razoback!

And surprised it might come this soon.


Is there any idea on how long until we might see the Hurricane though?

Been a while since we last heard about it and im very much looking forward to that aircraft also.

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Looks really good, a little bit closer to the Typhoon 😀


Just hope the cloud and aircraft can be improved all I see is dark blobs when aircraft pass clouds, wasn't a problem in earlier version but still looking forward to the update - I'll just run missions without clouds!

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D-22 looks excellent, can't wait to see it with all its cockpit textures. Seems like the models and visuals just keep improving with every release.

Great Work.

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7 minutes ago, Jason_Williams said:

We threw the Hurri on the rubbish pile.





I'm not too proud to dumpster dive. 

Just let me get my trash goggles! Safety first!

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33 minutes ago, III/JG52_Al-Azraq said:

Thanks a lot team! You are great.


I wonder what those features waiting for us in 4.007 are 🤔


Just found the leaked feature list on Wikileaks - the 4.007 update will provide us with:


  • Rich, Corinthian leather
  • A heated, kidney-shaped pool
  • A foolproof plan and an airtight alibi
  • Real simulated Indian jewelry
  • A Gucci shoe tree
  • A Las Vegas wedding
  • A Mexican divorce
  • A solid gold kama sutra coffee cup
  • A baby's arm holding an apple

It's everything you could want from life!  😁


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Love the jug.  


One suggestion - can we have a US default skin with the correct European theatre markings (white stripes on the rudder and horizontal stabilisers - white front cowling up until replaced by group markings from Autumn '43).  An ETO P-47 without these is comparable to a 109 on the Eastern Front without the yellow theatre markings. 

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