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Increased grass distance

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I've added a request over in the suggestions section for whether it will be possible to increase the distance for the grass as I think it will enhance the immersion if this would be possible. Happy for any support possible to ask for this enhancement for TC :):)



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I've noticed the ground/grass rendering is better with the last patch...but when you turn on the high 4k grass textures mod, it seems to replace completely the original effects.

Anyway, thank you for posting this request for the developers . Improving the grass distance will be great for all TC users.



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For anyone who didn't know...


In the startup.cfg file in the data folder there is a line that reads:


grass_distance = 300.00000


I've adjusted mine up to 1000.00000 with very little change in performance... But I did get flashing shadow lods in distant trees, and huge RAM usage increase... I scaled back to 600.00000 and it seems to be a good balance, no frame drop seen on the ground in tanks... Just don't change your settings in-game as it will reset... Maybe mark the file "read only" once your happy with your settings...

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Brilliant, cheers!


Bummer... Tried it... The grass shows up in the editor, but not the game... File structure or naming change I guess... Anyone know how to extract textures and meshes? Or have a link... Pretty please...


Cancel the not working part... I figured it out... I had mods off in my startup.cfg...


Still getting flickering bush textures in 2st person though...


But still have this question...


how to extract textures and meshes?

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